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K/j Type Four Channel Thermocouple Thermometers

Thermocouple Thermometers ( contact thermometers )offer fast response and laboratory accuracy.ET-959 (dual inputs) is a microprocessor-based digital thermometer designed to use external type K/J thermocouples (temperature probes) as temperature sensors. These thermometers work with type K /J thermocouples and offer 0.1ºC/0.1ºF resolution over the entire measurement range. A rugged holster protects three models.

k/j type four channel thermocouple thermometers features:

1:User selectable C/F
2:Type K/j thermocouple
3:Single/Dual thermocouple input
4:wide variety of interchangeable thermocouple probes
5:Max/Min/AVG record
6:differential temperature
7:Scan function
8:LCD display with backlight

k/j type four channel thermocouple thermometers specifications:


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