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Mini Digital Clinical Thermometer Forehead infrared

Infrared Ear Thermometer measures the kind of temperature from the eardrum has been found to be a clinically reliable indicator of body core temperature. It is a high quality product cooperating the latest technology and tested in accordance with international standard. It performs a self-test every time and can be used by consumers in household environment and doctor in clinic as reference.

mini digital clinical thermometer forehead features:

1.Multiple functions: This product can measuring the temperature of the ears,forehead,environment and other things.

2. Accurate and fast: This product can measuring the temperature in one second,intelligent analysis and display the result.

3. Convenient and pratical:Only one button makes convenient.

4. Easy to clean :The scan head is waterproof,you can use the alcohol or water cotton to clean the surface,but keep it away from all the liquid.

5. Memory function: This product can auto display the latest result when to switch on.

6. Fever alarm: you can set the alarm temperature.The default alarm temperature is 37.6℃, when the body

temperature is higher than this it will give out beep-beep sound and the backlight display yellow light and when the

body temperature is higher than 38C, the device will give out beep-beep-beep sound and dispaly red backlight and the fever symbol.

mini digital clinical thermometer forehead specifications:

Model    IR-85

Range of measurement

Body temperature:32℃-42.9℃(86.9℉-109.2℉)

Material temperature:0℃-100℃(32.0℉-212.0℉)

Body  temperature


±0.2℃/0.4℉ 35.5℃-42.0℃(95.9℉-107.6℉)

±0.3℃/0.5℉ 32.0℃-35.4℃(89.6℉-95.7℉)

±0.3℃/0.5℉ 42.1℃-42.9℃(107.8℉-109.2℉)

Material temperature: ±1℃

Display resolution  0.1℃/0.1℉

Ambient requirement  10℃-40℃(50.0℉-104.0℉) ≤Rh80%

Storage requirement  -25℃-55℃(-13.0℉-131.0℉) ≤Rh95%

Power supply  3V CR2032 lithium battery

Classify  Ⅱa(MDD.Annex Ⅸ,rule 10)

Power consumption

Work current:≤2mA

Static current:no clock≤5µA;with clock≤12µA

mini digital clinical thermometer forehead pictures:

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1. We are a professional measuring & analysis instrument manufacturer located in China who can provide you 100% guaranteed quality perfect products, excellent services, fast leading time, and the most competitive factory price;

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Company’s view

Shenzhen FLUS Co,limited company is a professional measuring & analysis instrument manufacturer located in China. We produce guaranteed quality machines, and most of our items passed CE and RoHS approvals. Shenzhen FLUS promises to every client they can enjoy our perfect products, excellent and promptly services, fast delivery time and the most competitive factory prices.



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