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Correct Use Of Light Meter

Shenzhen Flus Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

     The photometry of the spot photo is different from that of the normal test light. In the usual metering, whether you're using a color negative or a black-and-white negative, you're exposed to the shadow part, which means you're going to have to take a reading of the reflected light on the important shadow and then determine your exposure. Using this method of metering, you will be photographed in the important shadow section showing the details of the negatives.Light Meter

     However, in the field photo, in order to achieve a real sense, you need to shadow part of the black! How do you light it up for this purpose? To achieve this typical field light effect, use your reflection light meter to take readings of the portions of the strong light or the midtones, rather than the shaded portions. In so doing, you are actually making the image less exposed. You don't get enough light in the shadow part of the film to produce details there. Results: In the film, the shadow part of the details, in the photo, whether it is color or black and white photographs, the shadow part of the black.Light Meter

    Therefore, this is the use of negative, whether it is a color negative or black and white negative, you light to the pursuit of a typical field lighting effect reasons. Remember to light the part of the glare or the midtones. What if you use a light meter instead of a reflective light meter? It's not hard. The injection light meter gives a normal reading, and using this readout produces a "normal" image. However, in order to obtain the effect of the field light, you do not need the normal image, what you need is the image with insufficient exposure. Therefore, when you take the incoming light readings, use the boundary exposure, that is, the aperture is small one block or two block, so as to make the image of insufficient exposure.Light Meter

    If you use a gray card, the truth is the same. First, according to the normal method of reading, and then use the surrounding light, that is, the aperture to receive a small block or two-block exposure, so that the image exposure is insufficient. However, the use of color film, slides should be cautious, can not be too much of the aperture. The danger of making the color film less exposed is that you may get a nasty slant. No one likes the picture of Green face! If you use color film, our suggestion is to follow the color film exposure rules to expose the glare part. Then, in order to get a light effect on the scene of the slide, only the aperture is small one block.Light Meter