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Introduction Of Infrared Thermometer Performance

Shenzhen Flus Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

    Infrared thermometer in the engineering temperature occupies a very important position. It has a fast response, high resolution and other advantages. For some rotating objects, high-speed moving objects or corrosive objects, in the use of contact temperature method is not possible, the radiation temperature method is widely used. Most of the radiation thermometer can only measure the brightness temperature, radiation temperature or color temperature.Infrared Thermometer

    If you want to obtain the true temperature of the measured object, you must also know the emissivity of the object. And the emissivity of the object is related to many factors, such as the type of matter, temperature and wavelength, etc., especially with the object surface volatility (oxidation degree, degree of erosion, etc.) related. This poses a great deal of difficulty in modifying the emissivity.Infrared Thermometer

    Is it possible to substantially eliminate the effect of emissivity in the radiation temperature measurement, or can we directly measure the true temperature of the object by using the radiation temperature method without knowing the emissivity numerical conditions? Many scholars have noticed this problem very long ago Arrived. For example, the hemispherical gold-plated reflector on the surface of the measured object to improve the measured surface of the effective emissivity, so that the detector placed above the hemisphere reflector to receive near the black body of radiation, which can be measured the true temperature.Infrared Thermometer

    Infrared temperature measurement technology in the production process, product quality control and monitoring, equipment, online fault diagnosis and security protection and energy conservation has played an important role. Over the past 20 years, non-contact infrared human body thermometer in the technology has been rapid development, continuous improvement of performance, features continue to increase, increasing variety, the scope of application is also expanding. Compared with the contact temperature measurement method, infrared temperature measurement has a fast response time, non-contact, the use of safety and long life and other advantages.Infrared Thermometer

    Light factor: Infrared thermometer The structure of different products on the intensity of light is also different. For example, those durable materials, such as plastic, paint, etc., these products meet the light, will not produce serious aging phenomenon. So to analyze what is the material composition of the product equipment. High temperature factor: When the environment due to high temperature and the ambient temperature increases, then the light intensity and damage will increase. The temperature does not have a direct chemical reaction with light, but there is a delicate connection between them. So when testing the programmable infrared thermometer products, to grasp the precise use of temperature range.Infrared Thermometer

Humid factors: Infrared thermometers Often, some moisture, rain, dew, etc. These are the cause of moisture, the dew is formed by the moisture is the main factor of outdoor damp, dew caused more harm than rain, because it The time attached to the material is longer, causing more severe moisture absorption.Infrared Thermometer

    Such as wood coating due to rain water to remove the surface of the aging layer, the aging layer is not exposed to sunlight, resulting in further aging. In the infrared thermometer simulation test, the destruction mechanism of the composite material caused by the wet environment has been studied more clearly. In this paper, the aging mechanism of the humid atmosphere environment to the composites is illustrated by the diffusion of water to the carbon fiber epoxy resin laminate.Infrared Thermometer