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Introduction To Classification Series Of Sound Level Meter

Shenzhen Flus Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

     Sound level meter, noise meter, specially designed for the on-site monitor, a pocket-sized noise monitor, widely used in the field of epidemic prevention, urban traffic, such as instantaneous noise measurement, with maximum retention and sound level setting function. Measurement range: 30-130db, weighting characteristics: a power, C power, linear, filter function, with external DC output function. Range automatic conversion.Sound Level Meter

     Sound level meter series are: ordinary sound level meter, equivalent sound level meter, statistic sound level meter. In addition, our company also produces: Photoelectric tachometer, laser tachometer, photoelectric contact speed meter, wind speed meter (anemometer), ultrasonic thickness gauge, sound level calibrator, coating thickness gauge, thermometer, illuminance table (photometer), dew point meter, temperature and humidity meter.Sound Level Meter

     Noise meter, and call level meter, is a kind of sound pressure level or sound level instrument, which is based on a certain frequency meter weight and time measurement, is the most basic and common instrument in acoustic measurement. Sound level meters can be used for environmental noise, machine noise, vehicle noise and other noise measurement, can also be used in electro-acoustic, building acoustics, such as measurement, if the condenser microphone replaced accelerometer sensor, with integrator, you can use the sound level meter to measure vibration.Sound Level Meter

    Sound level meters are mainly used to measure noise, and the classification of noise measurement is mainly the following: from the measurement object to divide, can be divided into environmental noise (sound field) characteristics of the measurement of harmonic source characteristics. From the time characteristic of sound source or sound field, it can be divided into steady-state noise measurement and unsteady noise measurement. Sound Level Meter

    Non-stationary noise can be divided into periodic variation noise, irregular noise and pulse sound. The frequency characteristics of sound source or sound field can be divided into wideband noise, narrowband noise and noise with outstanding pure tone components. The accuracy of the measurement requirements can be divided into precise measurement, engineering measurement and noise survey.Sound Level Meter