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Sound Level Meter Display

Shenzhen Flus Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2017

Common faults: The sound level meter is significantly lower or the calibration is less than 94.0 dB when calibrated. The microphone sensitivity is too low or damaged: Replace the microphone and recalibrate. The contacts of the preamplifier are not in good contact with the microphone: clean the contacts. The plug of the preamplifier is not in good contact with the host socket: replace the plug socket. Sound level meter low sound level when the reading is high, the pre-amplifier ground contact bad: tighten the outer sleeve.Sound Level Meter

Sound level meter display No display: internal battery connection is broken or battery contact is not good: welding wire, replace the battery contact piece. Battery damage: Replace the battery.Sound Level Meter

Do not know how much of the measured sound level, the "attenuator" must be placed in the maximum attenuation position (such as 120dB), and then gradually adjust the measurement to the measured sound level required attenuation position, to prevent the measured sound level Over the range to break the sound level meter. When measuring, the sound level meter should be selected according to the situation the right gear, both hands on both sides of the sound level meter, the microphone pointing to the measured sound source, can also use the extension cable and extension rod to reduce the sound level meter appearance and the human body to measure Impact. Sound level meter use position should be determined according to the relevant provisions.Sound Level Meter

Sound level meter using battery-powered, should check whether the battery voltage to meet the requirements: meter function switch set "battery" file, "attenuator" can be set, then the meter on the instructions should be in the rated battery voltage range, or need to replace battery. Install the battery or external power supply Note the polarity, do not reverse. Do not remove the battery for a long time, so as not to damage the instrument leakage. The sound level meter should be replaced when the battery voltage is insufficient. The sensor is extremely fine and easy to damage the more expensive parts, in the course of the experiment pay attention to gently. After the experiment is finished, remove the sensor into the specified place.Sound Level Meter