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Sound Performance Of Sound Level Meter

Shenzhen Flus Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

    Sound level meter is the most basic noise measurement instrument, it is an electronic instrument, but different from the voltmeter and other objective electronic instruments. When converting the acoustic signal into an electrical signal, it can simulate the time characteristic of the human ear's response speed to the acoustic wave; the frequency characteristic with different sensitivity for high and low frequency and the intensity characteristic of changing frequency characteristic when the loudness is different. Sound level meter is a kind of subjective electronic instrument.Sound Level Meter

    The vibrating diaphragm begins to vibrate after the acoustic pressure and drives the movable coil with it to vibrate in the magnetic field to produce an induced current. This current varies depending on the size of the acoustic pressure of the vibrating diaphragm. The greater the sound pressure, the greater the current generated, the smaller the sound pressure, the smaller the current generated.Sound Level Meter

    Capacitive microphone is mainly composed of metal diaphragm and close to the metal electrode, is essentially a flat capacitor. Metal diaphragm and metal electrode constitute the plate capacitance of the two plates, when the diaphragm by the sound pressure, the diaphragm will be deformed, so that the distance between the two plates have changed, so changed the capacitance, The voltage in the bit measurement circuit has also changed to realize the effect of converting the sound pressure signal into a voltage signal.Sound Level Meter

    Capacitive microphone is an ideal microphone in acoustic measurement. It has the advantages of large dynamic range, straight frequency response, high sensitivity and good stability in general measurement environment. As the output impedance of the condenser microphone is high, it is necessary to carry out the impedance conversion through the preamplifier. The preamplifier is installed inside the sound level meter near the place where the condenser microphone is installed.Sound Level Meter

    The role of the detector is to quickly change the voltage signal into a slow change in the DC voltage signal. The size of the DC voltage is proportional to the size of the input signal. According to the needs of the measurement, the detector has a peak detector, the average detector and the rms detector. The peak detector can give the maximum value in a certain time interval, and the average detector can measure its absolute average in a certain time interval. The pulse sound needs to measure its peak, and in most noise measurements, the rms detector is used.Sound Level Meter

    According to the sound level meter sensitivity distinction, sound level meter classification has two kinds of methods: one is the ordinary sound level meter, it is not too high demand for the microphone. Dynamic range and frequency response flat range is narrow, generally do not configure the band-pass filter associated with the other is the precision sound level meter, the microphone requires wide frequency response, high sensitivity, long-term stability, and with the The band-pass filter is used in conjunction with the level recorder and the recorder. Sound Level Meter

   The noise signal can be displayed or stored. If you remove the microphone from the precision sound level meter, replace it with the input converter and add the accelerometer to become the vibration meter for vibration measurement.Sound Level Meter