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The Application Of The Light Meter In The Camera

Shenzhen Flus Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

    Modern camera in the metering system has been quite powerful, many people often ask, still need to take a metering table around it? In some cases, the photometric table is indeed important, so it depends on what specific circumstances you will need to use to. The photometric system of the camera can only measure the reflected light, and the hand-held meter can have the function of measuring incident light and flash. Reflective metering, errors are large, often due to the main material, color, there is an error, relatively speaking, the use of light meter light incident mode should be more accurate.Light Meter

    In commercial photography, measuring the light ratio of light, especially the light than the light, basically depends on the light meter to carry out, if only the camera, it can only be done after the results of the shooting to adjust, The light ratio at all. In the shimmer, the camera's metering system failure, metering table is relatively sensitive, often can also read the value. In addition, the measurement angle of the photometric table can also be very small, such as 1 degree, which is generally with the photometric function of the camera can not reach.Light Meter

    However, for the use of photographers to see the novice, the most important thing is the "incident light measuring spot" concept, which is mainly metering, the photometric meter near the subject, and metering Point to the light source, the light source may be a natural light, it may be a flash light source.Light Meter

    The ball meter will be placed in the location of the metering, the direction of the light source, the flash hit, you can get through the incident light F aperture value. Adjust the camera, so that the aperture value consistent with the meter, that can start operations, shooting. Mode button to switch the metering mode, it can use three modes of operation: natural light, automatic wireless flash and wired flash metering. When the flash is fired, the F-aperture value can be obtained by the incident light (the ball of the light meter is placed in the position of the metering) to adjust the camera so that the aperture value is consistent with the meter.Light Meter