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The Nature Of The Portable Anemometer

Shenzhen Flus Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2017

Wind speed measurement part of the use of computer technology, you can simultaneously measure the instantaneous wind speed, instantaneous wind level average wind speed, the average wind level and the corresponding wave height and other parameters. It has a data latch function for easy reading. The wind direction part uses the north of the device, the measurement without artificial north, simplified measurement operation. The instrument is small, light weight, full function, can be widely used in agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, marine, scientific investigation and other fields to measure the air parameters of the atmosphere.Anemometer

Description of the working principle: the wind part: the wind vane, the wind direction disc (magnetic compass) and other components, the wind direction by the wind direction pointer on the direction of the direction of the wind to determine. Wind speed part: the traditional three-ring rotating frame structure, the instrument within the single-chip wind speed sensor output frequency sampling, calculation, the final instrument output instantaneous wind speed, one minute average wind speed, instantaneous wind level, one minute average wind level, And the corresponding wave height. The measured parameters are displayed directly on the LCD with numbers.Anemometer

The principle of the thermometer of the anemometer is based on the heat generated by the cold shock airflow on the heat element, and by adjusting the switch to keep the temperature constant, the regulation current is proportional to the flow rate. When a thermal probe is used in turbulence, the airflow from the various directions simultaneously impacts the thermal element, which can affect the correctness of the measurement results. In the turbulence measurement, the thermal sensitivity of the anemometer velocity sensor is often higher than the value of the wheel probe. The above phenomenon can be observed in the pipeline measurement process. According to the different design of the pipeline turbulence, even at low speed will appear.Anemometer

The principle of the runner of the anemometer is based on the conversion of the rotation into an electrical signal. After passing through a proximity sensor, the rotation of the runner is "counted" and a series of pulses is generated and processed by the detector. Get the speed value. The anemometer's large caliber probe (60mm, 100mm) is suitable for measuring turbulence in small flow rates (eg at the pipe outlet). The small diameter probe of the anemometer is more suitable for measuring the cross-section of the pipe than the adventure head cross-section of a new 100 times more than the air.Anemometer