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The Related Application Of Sound Level Meter

Shenzhen Flus Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

     Sound level meter is also called noise meter, it is a kind of instrument used for measuring sound pressure level or sound level. is the most basic and most commonly used instrument in acoustic measurement, with the development of national economy and the improvement of people's material and cultural standard of living, noise survey and environmental protection work is carried out comprehensively, the machine manufacturing industry has made noise as one of the important quality index of products. , the auditorium and gymnasium and other buildings require not only beautiful appearance, but also the pursuit of acoustics, which makes the application of sound level meter more and more widely.Sound Level Meter

     Now it is not only used in acoustics and electro-acoustic measurement, but also has been widely used in machine manufacturing, architectural design, transportation, environmental protection, medical and health and defense engineering and other fields, as almost all departments must have an acoustic measurement equipment.Sound Level Meter

     Whether the sound level meter is used correctly or not can directly affect the accuracy of the measurement results. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the use of sound level meter. Sound level meters use the choice of environment: Select a representative test site, the sound level meter to leave the ground, leaving the wall to reduce the surface and the walls of the additional impact of the reflection sound. Weather requirements in the absence of rain and snow time, sound level meter should keep the microphone diaphragm clean, wind in the above three must add wind cover (to avoid wind noise interference), five above the gale should stop measuring.Sound Level Meter

    Open Sound level meter carrying box, remove sound level meter, and set up sensor. Place the sound level meter in a state, test the battery, and then calibrate the sound level meter. Comparison table (commonly known as the ambient sound level reference), adjusts the measuring range. Sound Level Meter

    The following can be used to measure the functions of fast (measuring the instantaneous value of the environment with large change of sound pressure level), slow (measuring the average of the environment with little change in sound pressure level), pulse (measuring the pulse sound source), filter (measuring the sound level of the specified frequency band). Records data as needed, and can also be connected to the printer or other computer terminals for automatic collection. Arrange the equipment and put it back to the designated place Sound Level Meter